Literatur zum Thema "Synthese"

"Mikrowellentechnik im Labor- und Prozessbereich"

Buch "Microwave-Enhanced Chemistry"

"Microwave-Promoted Esterification Reactions: Optimization and Scale-Up"

"A fast and efficient track to allosteric modulators of muscarinic receptors"

"A new synthetic route to compounds of the AFDX-type with affinity to muscarinic M2-receptor"

"Microporous and Mesoporous Materials"

"Nanokristalle aus der "Schnellen Welle"

"Hydrierungen im Mikrowellenreaktor"

"Online Monitoring of Microwave-Enhanced Reactions by UV/Vis Spectroscopy"

"Development of microwave chemistry through a co-operation between a university and an equipment manufacturer"

"MAOS – Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis" Methode in Ausbildung, Studium und Forschung

"Microwave Hydrogenations"

"Nanomaterial surface functionalization and grafting under microwave irradiation"

"synthWAVE - The Game Changer in Microwave Synthesis"

"Mikrowellen-Extraktionen und -Synthesen von Naturstoffen"

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