Unsere Literatur zum Thema "Aufschluss"

"Mikrowellen-Aufschlusstechnik für Fortgeschrittene"

Ersatz der "colorimetrischen" Sulfid-Fällung

Buch "Microwave-Enhanced Chemistry"

"Optimising accuracy and precision of lead isotope measurement"

"Atmospheric Deposition of V, Cr and Ni since the Late Glacial: Effects of Climatic Cycles, Human Impacts, and Comparison with Crustal Abundances"

"An integrated microwave digestion system for the modern laboratory"

"Development of microwave chemistry through a co-operation between a university and an equipment manufacturer"

"Chemische Analyse von Saphir-Kristallen"

"Gravimetric preparation and characterization of primary reference solutions of molybdenum and rhodium"

"decades of declining atmospheric Pb deposition in northern Alberta"
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